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Lee Baldwin - Principal

Lee has a wealth of knowledge in a variety of areas that enable her to be an experienced principal of Telford Stage Schools. She has worked abroad on film sets as well as working in London in different areas of the entertainment business e.g. on film sets such as Harry Potter , in recording studios, and generally meeting agents, casting directors, producers etc.

Before that she taught at a school in Shropshire where she was head of department with eight staff members. She was innovative with her ideas and developed ‘Life skills’ as a valued part of the curriculum which was recognized nationally. She was an O.C.R. moderator for exam and course work.

She is currently an ARTS AWARD ADVISER enabling TSS to offer recognized National awards in all aspects of Performing Arts at G.C.S.E. level. In mainstream education Lee taught all ages from 5year olds to 16 year olds in state and private schools, G.C.S.E. students, special needs students and students with challenging behaviors. Previously Lee taught P.E, Out-door pursuits and also dance. She coached to county standards in netball. She annually organized sporting events involving up to 500 pupils from ten schools. She was responsible for annual dance, gymnastic and trampoline displays.

Lee herself was trained from the age of three in dance and stage skills. She performed in a number of professional shows at major theatres such as The Empire in Liverpool. Lee’s background gives her the up to date knowledge and experience to work with young people in the areas of dance, drama, singing, and also life  to develop their confidence and also their social skills in a caring environment fostering the philosophy of equality and value.